"Dedicated to Developing Personal Strategic Plans (PSP)"

Our History

The Company founder, Dr. Alvin S Perry, started out in 2006 helping a friend to develop a 90-day plan presentation for an interview. Both he and his friend were recently failed entrepreneurs and there was a great need for both of them to jump back into a corporate job and out of being entrepreneurs. Once the presentation was in a draft phase Dr. Perry took the presentation and completed it for his friend. After getting some validation of the newly created 90-day plan presentation from a couple of corporate executives, Dr. Perry turned the 90-day plan into his first literary offering: The 1st 90 Days in Your Assignment.

The original idea was not to build a business but to provide a resource for graduating college students to have when entering their first job. After taking a closer look at the challenges that students were having at all levels of education, Dr. Perry decided to develop a series of books reaching all the way back to elementary school in an effort to support student success. What followed was four additional titles which were written over a 2 year period in a backwards order from college to elementary school: The College Experience, From High School to Career Success, The Middle School Mix, and It’s Elementary School.

Finally, a complete system of books, workbooks, online training programs, workshops, seminars, curricula, inspirational programs, panel discussions, and guest presentations for youth and young adults was developed. It has taken 6 years to get to where we are now with the launch of Critical Zone, Inc.