The Circus Act: Products & Services

This is an offering for individuals seeking career and entrepreneurship success using entrepreneurial principles. This is a great resource for High Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, Organizations, and Companies.



The book is a self-discovery guide that empowers the reader to overcome psychological barriers to success. Using the circus as a metaphor for life, the book positions the reader as a circus act that must do more than perform well to be a "star" in the circus. Various short stories and anecdotes about multiple aspects of the circus as a business enterprise enable the reader to see the circus as more than just a show, but as a set of basic entrepreneurial principles, that once understood and applied enable the reader to become a star performer, regardless of the type of act that is developed. The principles presented are based on systems and processes used by entrepreneurs to succeed in business.



A partial list of theme based keynotes and workshop topics are provided below. Messages and workshops are customized based on client requirements. . All content is designed for clients to have tools to implement positive change. Please contact us concerning the services provided below for additional information or quote.

Keynote & Workshop Topics: (Students- High School or College, Parents, Organizations, or Companies)

eCoaching: (Personal or CEO Coaching Pre/Post Startup),

Keynote & Workshop Topics: Career Development, Soft Skills, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting & Strategic Planning, High School or Higher Education Faculty Development, First Year College Experience, High School Success, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Team Building, Time Management, Communication, Interviewing, Personal Systems, and Business Systems