Career Development Pipeline – 7 Stages of the Career Lifetime

Pre School


Occupational Awareness Stage

Children Become
Aware of Different
Roles and Responsibilities Played by Their Parents and Family Members

Elementary School

Career Awareness Stage

Children Become
Aware of Different
Occupations By Observing Adults in Various Positions

Middle School


Career Exploration Stage

Children Become More Self-Aware and Begin to Explore Their Own Interests and Abilities

High School


Career Prep Stage

Youth Expand Career Explor-
ation, Develop Values, Skills, Atti-
tudes, and Make First Occupational Choices

Post Secondary

Advanced Career Prep Stage

Young Adults Discover More About Job Requirements and Responsibilities



Career Management Stage

Adults Make and Re-evaluate Their Own Job Choices, Pursue Various Career Opportunities



Career Transition Stage

Many at Retirement Age Do Not Retire, but continue to Pursue Income Opportunities

CZI: Products & Services

We all have a desire to be successful in life however; the difference between those who achieve their dreams and the ones who don't relies simply in the planning process. It is never too early or too late in one's life to start the process of personal discovery. The CZI series is designed to help individuals develop a strategy for identifying their career choice and then helping to develop a strategy for attaining that goal. The learning programs listed below will provide the end user with the information needed to begin the process no matter which life stage they are in.


The 1st 90 Days in Your Assignment - Target Age (High School/College Graduate)

What if I told you that I knew a step-by-step method to see you through your first 90 days on any new assignment with flying colors? Seriously!

The minute I truly understood the impact that this oversight has left on corporate America, I wouldn′t rest until I could create a simple plan, one so simple that anyone could understand and implement the recommendations to their current situation. So, I combined the best of all of my experiences into one fundamental, all-encompassing program that not only I, but the rest of the professional world could access, benefit from and use to build a solid foundation for their new careers, promotions or other projects.

My goal?

To develop a process that you could follow, regardless of your industry, your experience or your title. And now, it′s finally ready. The Critical Zone is the solid foundation that needs to be poured ahead of time, for success. Come with me and dive into a surprisingly “not-so-magic” formula that will give you a critical, competitive edge over those less enterprising than yourself.

The College Experience - Target Age (College Student)

What you do with the next four years of your life will determine what you do with the next 40 years of your life. You are the one in control of the decisions that are made.

There are hundreds - thousands - of books and e-books out there that try to tackle succeeding in college. Many of them are confusing and complicated. Others seem like they were written for someone who's already earned their doctorate!

My goal for this book is simple:

To create an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow guidebook, complete with principles you can put into action from the minute you read them. In just 5 practical chapters, we′re going to tackle some of the most

Critical issues you′ll face:

  • Assessing Where You Stand
  • Learning the Basics of Team Building
  • Stakeholder Relations (a.k.a. Mentorship Recruitment)
  • Measurement & Communication, and
  • Something many of books out there tend to overlook: Having FUN!

While you′re reading, it′s a good idea to keep a notebook (or Notepad™) handy so that you can jot down ideas and inspirations as they come to you. So, now that you know WHAT you′re going to learn, let's get busy, shall we?

From High School to Career Success - Target Age (15-18)

When I was in high school, I did not have a solid Plan for success. I knew I wanted to graduate and go to college however, I really did not have an effective plan for making that happen. I only focused on getting a football scholarship, which I did. I was fortunate that I just did make it because I only had one scholarship offer to Savannah State College. If I had not gotten a football scholarship then I honestly don't know what I would have done. I had divorced parents who had not gone to college so they could not provide guidance on how to get there other than just saying don't make D's and F's.

have had a successful career with a few great companies. I have made it to the illustrious 6-figure income however, I often wonder if I could have made my journey much easier. I looked back over the periods in my life where the decisions I made first began to affect me as an adult and the most impactful life stage was in high school.

My Goal?

To develop a process that is simple to follow for high school students. The Critical Zone is the foundation on which success can be built. Please use this material to develop your Personal Strategic Plan (PSP) for your high school success.

The Middle School Mix - Target Age (11-14)

Too many students glide through school without any clear idea of where they want to go in life. They waste a LOT of time and a LOT of potential. But that doesn't have to happen to you. I'm not here to peg you into some cookie-cutter existence. I don't expect you to walk away from this book with all of the answers. But you can expect to walk away knowing how to ask all of the right questions. Choices are everywhere. Some of them will sneak up on you. Getting caught off-guard is where a lot of mistakes get made. Right now, decision-making is critical. Everyone and everything is scrambling for your attention. But that works both ways - both good and bad.

In this installment of the Critical Zone series, I want you to focus on one thing and one thing only - AWARENESS!

It's Elementary School - Target Age (8-10)

The life we get to live as adults is made up of a number of decisions and choices we make along the way. Unbelievably, the decisions you'll make today, tomorrow and next week will influence whom you are decades into the future. Someone once said, in a nutshell, that "Failing to plan is planning to fail." The end goal of this book is to help you learn how to make plans and strategies for success NOW, while you're young and full of possibility and potential. After all, why should you wait to start planning until after the big, important decisions are right around the corner? By learning how to get your ducks in a row now - early on - you'll be up against a LOT less frustration and stress in life's later critical zones.

The even cooler news is that you don't have to make huge, sweeping changes to get a ticket on the fast track to success. The truth is that the changes are often so small and simple to make that you can do it without even breaking a sweat. You don't have to spend every waking minute hitting the books. You don't have to suddenly transform into a bookworm, teacher's pet or a "brown-noser" to get ahead in your education.

All you have to do is be AWARE of what is going on, the options that are open for you to take, and what you WANT out of life. Everything else will just fall into place, naturally - with very little nudging. So, come along with me and enter your very first CRITICAL ZONE! After all, it's elementary!


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